Recent Super Video Speed Controller reviews : Page 77

  • 5.10.2015

    Pros: It does (like any “Speed Controllers”. They save time for something like. make boring thing subside make music go faster & Speed up the WPM) Cons: No sound when vids are played @ 4x speed and beyond. also depending on what ISP & Internet pack you got. Buffering is key.

  • 26.8.2015

    The best extension for a College student wanting to consume information. I’m in medical school and can’t live without this! VERY seldom does it not work – It doesn’t work on Facebook, but I’m okay with that – facebook sucks up too much time.

  • 25.8.2015

    Works perfectly, offering a quick and unobtrusive playback speed control. By default, any playback speed between 0.0x and 16.0x (in increments of 0.1) can be selected. I like this because the default YT player only goes up to 2x speed, even though it’s capable of playing audio/video simultaneously up to speeds of 3.90x. Without extensions like this we’d have to mess around in the console to speed videos up. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  • 16.8.2015

    As of 8/15/15, it works and it’s amazing. I found this through a YouTube video…. not sure if it’s required, but I disabled flash in chrome//plugins.

  • 7.8.2015

    Merece nota máxima. Bom demais, ganhamos muito tempo. Até na velocidade 3X dá para assistir. Um video de 90 minutos podemos assistir em 30 minutos. Vale a pena demais sendo que os video do Youtube só dá para dobrar a velocidade.

  • 29.7.2015

    Just installed this today, it’s GREAT. Speeds up or slows down video just as promised. No issues at all.

  • 24.7.2015

    I do understand that HTML5 supports controlling the playback speed of media, but I’m not a web developer, so I might be giving undue credit here to the developer of this app. I do know a bit about signal processing, so I am qualified to say that the playback controls in this extension are incredible - by means of audio, they are the best playback controls I’ve heard in any content player ever. I can not hear ANY distortions when speeding up playback (haven’t tried with music as of yet though). When slowing down, there’s just the slightest tearing, but you’d have to be looking for it to notice. Again, I don’t know if this is the developer’s doing or just the functionality of HTML5, but these are impeccable granulation algorithms for a measly Chrome extension intended for casual consumption of web-based media. I’m very pleased.

  • 15.7.2015

    Déjà très bon, un mode image par image (une pression de bouton pour l’image suivante) serait le must ! EN: It’s already very good, but a picture by picture mode (by pressing a key to get next picture) would be the best!

  • 23.6.2015

    I tried 3 in all and this was the only one that worked for Vimeo, use this one and ONLY this one. That is all

  • 8.6.2015

    Excelente, tenho nem palavras para descrever o que essa extensão fez na minha vida! Assisto vídeos hoje em dia no mínimo duas vezes mais que antes.