Recent Super Video Speed Controller reviews : Page 74

  • 19.7.2016

    The best of the video speed controllers I tried. For lots of stupid online tutorials, a must! (For speeding up, or repeating what you miss)

  • 12.7.2016

    If you do online video learning, like on Udemy for example, it’s an absolute god-send… especially if you make use of the intuitive keyboard shortcuts!

  • 8.7.2016

    Please allow to hide the box when and let it appear when mouse pointer is above it. Or let us control its transparens.

  • 16.6.2016

    Great, excellent extension! Please add the ability to stop and re-start videos by pressing the space bar and it’ll be perfect! (The “jump back 10 seconds” is awesome, but sometimes you just need to stop and start as well.)

  • 14.6.2016

    simple perfect, easy to use. Offer various speed (unlike youtube’s 1, 1.25, 1.5, 2) & advance/rewind buttons/shortcut keys. But I mostly use youtube, and sometime vimeo, facebook, so can’t speak for other sites.

  • 30.5.2016

    Amazing tool. I use a lot for about 5 months now. I’d like to ask for a “reset” button. Sometimes I do watch movies/long videos ,some times I listen to music. So it’s convenient,for me, to listen music in its normal speed. Thanks a lot, with or with no updates about my feedback/request. Your tool is really awesome.

  • 25.5.2016

    Works great for learning. Had display bugs on certain sites, opened a bug that was resolved switfly.

  • 22.5.2016

    Yes! Whew! Thank god, I wish I found this sooner. I ’m no longer bored by slow talkers. This should be at the top of the list for productivity apps. I too found youtube 2X becoming too slow after some use and craved more speed! 3X is usually perfect, and the .1 increments help to adjust better to speed variations of individuals for better understanding. Thanks! BTW I notice my speech and thoughts speed up as well lol.

  • 9.5.2016

    Great Extension. I am using it for a year now. Use “D” to speed up. Use “R” to Reset. Use “S” to Slow Down.

  • 31.3.2016

    This is so awesome. Thank you. I love the keyboard mapping and that I can race through commercials and get to the meat of the videos I’m looking at. Thanks!