Recent Super Video Speed Controller reviews : Page 70

  • 30.3.2017

    Geweldige tool voor muzikanten die tegenwoordig steeds meer via YouTube uitzoeken. Deze gaat mijn tool bar niet meer verlaten!

  • 28.3.2017

    I was watching videos on youtube at the maximum of 2x speed, now with this I can watch them at 3x speed, which is a great time saver! And it work on other websites, which is a must when you’re a speed junky like me ;)

  • 28.3.2017

    I love this plugin. If I could make requests it would be: 1. Allow the keyboard shortcuts to be customized (CVIM extension makes this less useable together) 2. Allow the placement to be customized - often the controls are behind the titles of YouTube videos 3. Allow it to work on local files if possible when they are opened in the browser!

  • 27.3.2017

    Simplesmente a extensão que eu mais uso e a que mais me ajuda a consumir conteúdo em vídeo na internet. Aumentar a velocidade dos vídeos faz toda a diferença, pois consigo assistir em menos tempo, sem prejudicar a clareza do áudio e do entendimento!

  • 25.3.2017

    Eindelijk een handige en makkelijke tool om snel en gemakkelijk moeilijke passages in muziek of beeld te kunnen analyseren….

  • 18.3.2017

    The BEST tool to speed up/slow down videos on almost EVERY website! I use it everyday when I’m in hurry and want to watch my vids!

  • 16.3.2017

    Thanks for the Netflix overlay fix in bug #178 I really love this extension and watch all my content on nothing less then 1.30x !!

  • 11.3.2017

    Settings can be changed (by clinking icon at upper rigth of browser) . I like 2 sec pump forward and back. Also, when you “return to normal speed” and hit R again you go back to the speed you had set before. THIS IS GREAT. Now when watching a lecture at high speed, I can jump back 2,4,6 sec and then come forward at normal speed and then return to high speed. This is great!!

  • 9.3.2017

    My favorite extension. It has greatly improved my productivity! I also like the fact that the code is all on github. Watching videos at normal speed is actually annoying now.

  • 5.3.2017

    Super amazing! Love it love it love it, especially the easy-to-access and customizable keyboard shortcuts. Trivia: The minimum speed is .06, the max is 16, and, at least on YouTube (I haven’t tried anywhere else), the audio cuts out at .5 and 4.