Recent Super Video Speed Controller reviews : Page 57

  • 1.12.2017

    Works perfectly. Though, used to be able to hover mouse over the “controller” and scroll to quickly adjust speed. How do I get that functionality back?

  • 28.11.2017

    This video speed controller really comes in handy especially when watching slow-paced shows. Thank you guys for really looking out for us. God bless!

  • 20.11.2017

    This is an amazing Chrome extension. This extension works on all media within Chrome browser. I have saved hundreds of hours with this plugin. Thank you for an amazing and practical piece of software. This is the Best Video Speed Controller.

  • 17.11.2017

    можна не ставить расширение а прописать всего одну строку в консоле броузера! javascript:(function(){ var speed = prompt(“Set playback rate:”, “2.0”); if (speed != null && speed != “”) {document.querySelector(‘video’).playbackRate = speed; }})();

  • 16.11.2017

    Muito bom, ajuda d+. Seria perfeito se tivesse para android… não consigo acelerar os videos no smartphone…

  • 8.11.2017

    I’ve saved so much time watching videos at 3x speed, I can now watch 3x as many videos… I think I’m not being very productive here. It does what it says it does perfectly. Enough said.

  • 4.11.2017

    When you want to transcribe music from a video this is the extension you need. It is well thought out. When transcribing it works like a charm. This tool remembers multiple loop points (with custom naming) and your changes in tempo and pitch. Musical life will be easier with Transpose - Pitch - Loop for videos! Good service too. I suggested a change (delete item from history list) and within 48 hours it was considered done. Thanks Sjaak!

  • 25.10.2017

    Have been using this now for 2 years. It’s so useful that i could not cope without it. As of mid december i’ve been having an issue where (i’m fairly sure) it changes preferred speed to 0 after every time i pause. I then have to press r to reset that to 1. Anybody else getting this issue?

  • 24.10.2017

    This is a lifesaver! I go insane watching videos at normal speeds, and this lets me watch at 3x speed (similar to how I listen to podcasts). Thank you!

  • 10.10.2017

    Must have. Even for Youtube!! You have native speed control settings but not as much precise than this extension. Stop losing time watching slow videos :)