Recent Super Video Speed Controller reviews : Page 3

  • 19.10.2022

    If you aren’t using this yet…. start using it. I watched the entirety of Better Call Saul in like 2 days. (the acting is amazing but jeesh do they spend a lot of time saying 1 sentence)

  • 14.10.2022

    One from the most usefull Extension for vast amount of people looking for perfect speed in someone’s speech. Google speed gear set on x0.25 is far to basic for the way most of the people talks. When Video Speed Controller gives U x0.1 or even better. Two fingers of my left hand knows that they belongs to ‘S’ and ‘D’ keybord keys when YT is on. Thank You for your kindness.

  • 5.10.2022

    Awesome! Two functions for me, first of all it is obviously a way to speed up any HTML video, so thats useful, but also I recently realized I could remap keys and use it to also skip ahead and behind (the default HTML player doesn’t have skipping mapped to any keys!). Overall huge help, and still works with latest version of chrome (as of 10/2022)

  • 26.9.2022

    Does what it says it does, and it does it very well. But, it could use one more option. Can you please add the option to change the position of the controller? because, on youtube for example, the top left corner gets covered by a box when the video “Includes paid promotions” I’d like to be able to move it in the bottom left corner for example.

  • 22.9.2022

    I use this extension all the time and it’s so useful to get through slow videos. Now it’s hard for me to stay concentrated at videos at normal speed

  • 21.9.2022

    There is no other extension that is more necessary to my life than this one. I have save hours and days, probably months of time by using this to speed up videos.

  • 17.9.2022

    2x speed was not enough anymore on YouTube… Time to double it to 4x speed… I know how Thanos felt now…

  • 16.9.2022

    Fantastica mia ha salvato!!! Ho sempre cercato un’applicazione che mi permettesse di vedere dei video velocizzati in quanto, molto spesso, mi ritrovo a dover trovare un solo pezzo di video ma di non sapere a che minutaggio si trovi e vedere un video a velocità normale fa perdere davvero un sacco di tempo, mentre a velocità doppia si riesce a risparmiare davvero un sacco di tempo per scoprire qual è il minutaggio di mio interesse, quindi veramente questa estensione è fatta molto bene e mi ha salvato la vita, la consiglio!

  • 8.9.2022

    it’s really awesome plugin, have so much options, with audio, sliting channels timings, color hue video transform playabck hue and filters even for whole site, and equalizer, but i didn’t find speed option that are connection of both pitch and tempo, but giving 5 stars anyway for piece of intresting addon

  • 31.8.2022

    Excellent extension, must have in my opinion. Not only you can change speed by 0.1+/- from 0.07x up to 16x speed! Going back/forward 10 seconds is also cool. In my opinion the best thing that this add-on can do is e.g. if you watch “free” content thanks to watching adds 5 min ad before and 5 in the middle of thing. YOU CAN SPEED UP ANY ADs TOO, so now you watch 10 seconds instead of 5min. Awesome software I can’t imagine working/learning/browsing internet without it.