Recent Super Video Speed Controller reviews : Page 3

  • 25.3.2023

    I love it work’s in every video even it is working in tiktok and i love it because it is working in youtube short videos

  • 24.3.2023

    Was looking for a extension to control the volume levels for other open tabs from one tab and this one offers it and other functions as well!

  • 24.3.2023

    Fantastic! Finally I can play the videos exactly with the speed I want, and it will be set for all videos!!

  • 20.3.2023

    Loved it. Only problem is the thing that shows the speed doesn’t disappear like usual when I go full screen on a video

  • 19.3.2023

    On numara gerek youtube da gerek yavaş ders anlatan udemy hocaları veya uzaktan eğitim ders kayıtları için bire bir yenur.

  • 19.3.2023

    ABSOLUTAMENTE GENIAL para los que estudiamos canto, además se pueden cambiar de tonalidad archivos locales no solo las pistas en Youtube, gran trabajo, muy agradecida. Keep on with the great work!

  • 19.3.2023

    Very good if you’re on the Youtube website directly. However, I would love to see the extension detect actively playing embedded videos in other websites and have the ability to speed those videos up too.nnLooking forward to that feature implementation!nnEdit: I needed to refresh the page. Apparently it works with embedded videos. Changed to 5*

  • 17.3.2023

    I have a Mac and its been soooo annoying watching videos and wanting to increase the speed but I can’t because Mac doesn’t give you the option in their video play on websites!!! I found an extension that finally worked! Thank you!!

  • 10.3.2023

    SO impressed! works with spotify web player so you can transpose essentially any song and the quality is amazing

  • 9.3.2023

    Very useful! I’ve been using it for a year and will continue using it. Very comfortable, quick and easy to use. Thanks to the creators!