Recent Super Video Speed Controller reviews : Page 2

  • 18.4.2023

    es la mejor extensión que se ha hecho en la historia de la humanidad (? realmente. el creador debe ser DIOS. Funciona en todos lados, tiene atajos personalizables. no molesta. ayuda. es Excelente!

  • 11.4.2023

    I adore this - I use it literally every day. I’m a video professional, so I watch a lot of video. And goodness am I thankful to have this

  • 10.4.2023

    Avevo necessità di una estensione che mi permettesse di velocizzare i video per degli interessi personali e quest’ultima mi ha permesso di perseguire i miei obiettivi in modo eccelso!

  • 3.4.2023

    Não costumo avaliar as coisas mas essa ferramenta funciona tão bem que eu me senti na obrigação de avaliá-la. Parabéns aos desenvolvedores!

  • 1.4.2023

    Just before I start. YOU CAN MOVE THE CONTROL ANYWHERE ON YOUR VIDEO BY DRAGGING IT WITH YOUR MOUSE!!!! MIND BLOWN or I am just DUMB…. Now on to your regularly scheduled review. I rated this 5 Stars Because it says VIDEO SPEED CONTROLLER not youtube video speed controller and So far that seems to be true and it works. I have played video on a variety of platforms and it worked. Youtube, Rumble, UTREON Etc. IT works. And the Code is on GITHUB if you want to check it.

  • 30.3.2023

    It is great for podcasts and slow youtube videos. I got it for Spotify podcasts, but it has been helpful a lot of other place. It is very customizable and a generally high quality extension!

  • 28.3.2023

    gerçekten bende tek işe yarayan diğer hiç biri çalışmadı çok teşekkürler indirin sonra site izinlerini verin video ekranına gelip çalıştıra basın ordan hızı ayarlayın başka hiç bir şey yapmanıza gerek yok

  • 27.3.2023

    amazing and everything I need. When I’m working with a new device I always find myself missing the short cut keys to speed up/down and fast forward/backwards. Really helps me navigate quickly in videos.

  • 27.3.2023

    Awesome plugin. This plugin gives you the ability to easily change the playback speed of videos based on the increment you set. This includes playback speeds which aren’t offered by default on youtube videos.

  • 25.3.2023

    Es muy útil. Gracias a esto, puedo ver mis clases online a mayor velocidad y así poder optimizar el tiempo para estudiar. Muchas gracias.