Recent Super Video Speed Controller reviews : Page 2

  • 10.10.2023

    Very useful, easy to use, lightweight, non-intrusive, not bloated with tons of unneeded features, and simply gets the job done without getting in your way.

  • 9.10.2023

    it worked perfectly on almost every sight I used it for and I could save so much time watching anime on 4x speed (notice that this sentence is in past tense it hasn’t worked since the newest update hop that gets fixed soon cause I don’t want to watch stuff on 2x speed)

  • 5.10.2023

    Just without any doubt add this to your chrome using this since 3 years by customizing options according to my needs this is the best

  • 5.10.2023

    I use this extension just about every time I watch a video online now. Super simple and always works!

  • 4.10.2023

    This browser extension is perfect for ANYTHING; I’m talking films, lectures, tiktoks and animations etc. This browser works on almost any website, and works so efficiently and smoothly, I’ve really put other people onto this extension just because of how convenient it makes watching things and how I’d always get clowned on for watching things in X4 speed just because I could. Love, love, LOVE this browser extension.

  • 3.10.2023

    This semester my prof used a program to record her lecture that have no speed controller, which wouldn’t be a problem if her video weren’t 3hours long n I cannot focus for that long. THANK THE LORD that this extension work with her video T.T Thank You to whoever made this you’re a god sent!

  • 1.10.2023

    Works great with Udemy and youtube getting to 3X and above. Thank you so much to the team. A wonderful product.

  • 29.9.2023

    How did I live without this? Works on all videos on the web I have come across. Makes speeding through fluff in videos so much quicker being able to 3x or even higher people is such a time saver!

  • 22.9.2023

    Love this extension. Been using it for years. I want to request a feature. Can you please detect audio files so we can also speed up podcast streams?nnThanks!

  • 21.9.2023

    Is there an option to auto play the sound to a video that has autoplay but sound disabled? In 9gag the video autoplays but you have to click the video sound button to unmute the video where i have to click it then move a few seconds back to hear what i missed. Thank you.