Recent Super Video Speed Controller reviews

  • 4.2.2023

    I love it – it so frustrating not being able to speed up a video once you’re used to it. The 10% steps are just right – you can find the the speed that works best for you.

  • 2.2.2023

    Best one on the market, to be honest, I don’t want any of you to have it except me lol. Just a few small points but once he adds that it will be perfect. Such as working on YouTube advertisements and some other I forgot.

  • 1.2.2023

    Literally a life saver for online school when your professor disables playback speed. Thank you so so much for this tool! PS: it works on vimeo videos

  • 31.1.2023

    The video and sound quality at high speed is great. My internet and system can handle about 3x for HD before stuttering some. I have only the tiniest problem with it: The sped and little panels show up intermittently and I don’t know what makes it appear. I run a big screen off my notebook:, maybe the dual screens confusing it.

  • 25.1.2023

    I find myself reinstalling this every time I get a new device… If only chrome made it more readily available ๐Ÿค”

  • 25.1.2023

    please tell me which programing languages needed to make awesome extensions like this!! i wanna learn๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜

  • 24.1.2023

    This extension has worked flawlessly on almost every site I’ve come across and has made life so much easier.

  • 22.1.2023

    Fantastic Extension! I’ve been using this one for the past 4 years and it has never failed me! It is an immense time saver and the fast forward feature(X) can even be used to skip entire ads. It’s hard to imagine a world without for me - without the ability to skip ads or watch videos in excess of 2 and even 3 times speed.

  • 21.1.2023

    Been using for over 2 years, never disappointed me. The only thing it made he hate is the fact that you can’t use extensions on mobile haha.

  • 14.1.2023

    My most useful Chrome extension. I use it every day. Use keyboard keys to speed up or slow down almost any web video. YouTube, Netflix, Prime, Webinars, etc. And even if you don’t like sped-up videos, you can use it to fast-forward ads.