Recent Super Video Speed Controller reviews

  • 11.6.2023

    I can never study well without this. I can play lectures just as fast as I’m comfortable with, fast forward the idle moments or ads, and slow down during difficult parts. Even when I’m not studying, I save a lot of time and can still comprehend the content of the videos. This is perfect for time management and finishing tasks more quickly. I recommend this to every student like me.

  • 7.6.2023

    The level of fine tuning I am able to do for the video speed saves me so much time, but the extension doesnt work on some websites for my university lecture recordings.

  • 29.5.2023

    idk how much of a developer expertise and hardwork went into this but this simple looking tool is world-class and really really helpful.

  • 27.5.2023

    ALGUÉM FEZ! demorou um bucado e eu já estava com raiva do Opera e do Firefox, Vivaldi não era opção por eu já usar pra outras coisas, e todos os outros que eu conheço também não controlam video pelo PiP.

  • 23.5.2023

    Actually Works. If you are looking to speed up or slow down videos on Mega or any similiar site this is the way to go.

  • 16.5.2023

    I LOVE this extension bro!! Rosetta Stone and other programs that my teachers assign to me have never been faster to complete, thanks to this extension!! 10/10 will definitely use again!

  • 3.5.2023

    ¡¡Excelente extensión!! En lo personal la necesito para cursos que aunque aumentó la velocidad al x2 sigue muy lento el video. Mi consejo para quienes la instalen por primera vez es: - Diríjanse a la configuración de la extensión - En la opción de “Controller opacity” cambien el 0.3 por un 1 – Esto es para quesea completamente visible la extensión — Después lo restauran si les molesta verlo sobre YT Muchas gracias por la extensión!

  • 1.5.2023

    Люди пишут что не работает Но, полагаю они просто пытаются взаимодействовать не HTML плеером Все отлично работает. Порой смотрю сериалы в x1.2-x1.5.

  • 1.5.2023

    I LOVE this extension! I use it every day. Just wish I could get it for my mobile browser as well. Only problems we’ve had recently are needing the ability to move it out from under other overlays (couldn’t click the controls with the cursor) & recently clicking the buttons on YouTube are instead backing up the video itself instead of setting the desired speed.

  • 20.4.2023

    IDK why this is so far down the search list bc this is the 6th one I’ve tried and it’s the only one that’s worked for my pc!